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Rechtliche Vorsorge

Rechtskonforme Gesamtvollmachten

für dauerhafte Sicherheit und  Selbstbestimmung

Overall powers

For the case of falls

societies::de shows where expert help and precautionary advice can be requested when drawing up general powers of attorney with care, living wills and custody orders as well as health care power of attorney and business power of attorney.

A general power of attorney prevents strangers from intervening in personal matters in an emergency.

Drei Generationen selbstbestimmt


Orders and powers of attorney

Lawyers recommend that private individuals aged 18 and over have a general power of attorney with a living will and care directive.

Writing down your specifications in powers of attorney and orders in legal documents requires legal knowledge and an overview of the possibilities and requirements of a currently legally compliant power of attorney.

Our experts and pension advisors will provide you with information hereJURADIRECT about what impact a lack of power of attorney can have on your private and business life. 

Don't be afraid to contact us directly, by phone or email, if you're in a hurry or an emergency occurs.


JURADIREKT Powers of attorney and wills

Always up to date with 


Care directives, living wills, health care power of attorney, custody orders, business power of attorney, wills

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