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Teamwork & Knowledge transfer

Distributing expert knowledge and responsibility across multiple shoulders requires the ability to work in a team and cooperate.



mit der Wirtschaft und ihren Experten


Let’s put our soft skills into the mix!

Why is the team involved?societies::de with complex topics such as leadership skills, especially when it comes to social, action and assertive skills. Who has the authority to interpret this?

The power over the sovereignty of interpretation, such as the implementation of a   for club purposes Claiming for yourself requires strong leadership skills, combined with the ability to work in a team and cooperate.

Evaluated against this backgroundsocieties::de potential cooperation partners whoAssociations strengthen and contribute equally with their own strengths and soft skills, make their contribution to successful club management and use their expertise in our Forums andgroups to report.

The first step to this is onemembership onsocieties::de, associated with an entry in theClubs, associations and expert directory on this website.

A membership onsocieties::de is basically free. Likewise the use of the forum and the groups.

You can also set up groups and landing pages with your own branding. Here for the corresponding onesServices and Subscriptions to select. We are happy to answer the hotline(+49 160 96072272) Speech and answer.


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