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Fundraising & Sponsorship

New edition

Zusammen mit dem bundesverband deutscher vereine & verbände e. V. (bdvv) schafft vereine::de ein Neuauflage des Fundraisings und  Sponsorings in einem Netzwerk.


Donations represent participation, combined with thanks and gratitude from the recipient.

All efforts towards social welfare and the common good require personal commitment in a voluntary or voluntary manner. This includes energy, strength, participation but also worthwhile interests in the cause for which you are committed.

societies::de has founded a community that creates a network between volunteers in clubs and potential donors, sponsors or supporters.


Do good and write about it.

The least you can expect from recipients of funds as thanks or gratitude is a sign, at best a comment or even a report about successful fundraising work and donors in societies::de.


Like, share, share, follow, comment, subscribe...

So clubs are also potential fundraising and sponsorship candidatessocieties::de welcomed and asked to report on their activities, also with the aim of making themselves noticeable and standing out in such a way that potential donors can no longer ignore them.


clubs::de collect

societies::de calls on all potential donors, sponsors and fundraisers to joinsocieties::de to register and network. Regardless of whether clubs or experts network with each other or clubs and experts network with each other, you stay in conversation and stand out.

And that's what happenssocieties::de - collect in the game. The bdvv makes its donation account available, collects all funds, manages them in trust and pays them out equally to all non-profit associations that have been a community member for at least 333 days by the announced deadlinesocieties::de and at least one call for donations with the keyword COLLECT, linked to the URL in their group posted.

The payment cut-off date is the day on which a maximum donation of €200.00 (no donation receipt required) per club is calculated for all participating non-profit associations.

The bdvv itself is recognized as a non-profit organization and is allowed to issue donation receipts. He will publish the current donations on a weekly basis, depending on the consent of the donors, sponsors and participating fundraisers.


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