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Digitalisierung im Verein

Avoid disruption

Keeping up with digitalization is a real challenge. Disruptive business models are no longer in demand. The transformation with Transruption cannot be stopped. Change does not stop at the clubs. 

  What use are statutes with a description of the purpose as well as voluntary positions and memberships if no optimizations and innovations are introduced.

VR Goggles

Data processing

​analog or digital 

Datenverarbeitung ist für viele Menschen noch ein Greul. Schließlich ist man ja noch aus Fleisch und Blut und das Gehirn denkt analog. Gefühl, Intuition, Unbeständigkeit, Unsicherheit, Anpassungsfähigkeit und Mehrdeutigkeit sind gegeben. 

Wenn jedoch der Sinn nach Struktur, Sicherheit und Orientierung strebt, ist Digitalisierung angesagt.


Digitalization and data processing is the central hub of a successful and innovative organization with all facets of public appearance with design and communication, management with membership and organization as well asRegulatory with strength and participation.

This is where amateurs differ from professionals and winners from losers. The association system is also characterized by competition, not only in the implementation of the goals, but in achieving the goals with high efficiency and little effort. In the digital context, this means digitization, combined with the least possible effort and the greatest success.


Here there issocieties::de an orientation towards club software and web applications, methods and processes.



Test club software

Dedicated club managers and resourceful software developers began to develop club software with the introduction of MS Excel. Today, software companies offer cloud-based all-round solutions, both with weaknesses and strengths.

Either special functions, processes, methods, upgrades or support are missing to allRequirements to do justice.

A willingness to compromise is called for. And the decision-maker is spoiled for choice when it comes to identifying suitable software on comparison portals.  Not without first trying out a whole series of test installations and then making a compromise again.

societies::de does not offer any software here. We refer to our forum and have set up an exclusive category for discussions and experiences relating to digital club applications.

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