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Here we present a travel portfolio with selected travel destinations, travel topics and travel ideas from our tour operators  with over 3000 group trips worldwide for young and old, for clubs, groups and school classes as well as companies and administration. For groups of 16 or more, we offer a variety of travel options for various clubs and groups. Customs and local history associations can travel with us and maintain their traditions and culture. Art and cultural associations have the opportunity to go on inspiring excursions and discover artistic treasures. Social groups can get out and about together and enjoy social activities. We offer special trips for choirs and music clubs where they can perform their music and take part in various events. Sports clubs can bring their teams to competitions and training camps with us. Garden and nature clubs have the opportunity to explore attractive gardens and natural areas and expand their knowledge. Church groups can also find suitable travel options with us to cultivate their spirituality and visit important religious sites. Schools and families can go on exciting educational trips with us that impart knowledge and offer unforgettable experiences. Adult education centers and institutions can also benefit from our tailor-made travel offers. If you have a specific keyword or travel code, you can search for it directly. We offer trips to various destinations and countries. From Germany to Spain and Fjord Norway to Italy, Cyprus and Austria – there are many options for finding the right travel destination. If you haven't found the trip you want, please feel free to send us your individual group question. Our recommendations and top offers will help you find the perfect group trip.

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