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At the heart of our efforts are general principles of health, safety and the environment. These form the framework for effective and practiced health protection, occupational safety and environmental protection. Our ultimate goal is to minimize negligence as it poses the greatest threat to our goals.

Negligence is the culpable cause of every preventable disaster with serious consequences for health, safety and the environment. We therefore expressly emphasize that negligence will not be tolerated in any way. In order to achieve this goal, it is important to continually assess threat situations and hazards and adapt existing measures to avoid negligence. This is an aspect of sustainability that we take into account in our work.

Associeties::de We are also committed to the well-being of our members at internal and external events and club trips. This also includes training and further education in order to avoid threatening situations and thus make a contribution to health, safety and the environment in the interests of the community.

There are various essential services that help prevent threatening situations and negligence. These include protecting self-determination, maintaining data protection, reporting grievances, combating cybercrime, adhering to hygiene standards, protecting the environment, preventing burglary and theft, occupational safety, preventing disruptions and much more.


Professional insurance is particularly important in uncertain times when you are confronted with various risks at work, such as cybercrime, data protection violations or discrimination. Insurance alone cannot solve all problems, but only serves as financial security after an incident.

In order to ensure self-determination with precautionary documents, integrity through data protection (GDPR), reputation in whistleblowing, IT security against cybercrime, hygiene and personal safety, experts and corresponding services and solutions are required. Both analog and digital solutions play an important role.

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You can't and don't have to do everything alone. In particular, urgent and annoying issues should not and must not be put off for a long time. Especially not when threatening situations become apparent or a crisis has already arisen. 

Experts on hand

Personal initiative is required. You have to decide and take care of your own affairs. This is where advice is needed.


In this respect, you can communicate directly with our experts here. Register as a member of this site and receive important information about pension documents, data protection management, whistleblowing, hygiene and security. (not legal advice)

If there were no innovative, affordable and sustainable ways to create precautionary documents with orders and powers of attorney, avoid data protection violations, protect whistleblowers, ensure security and burglary protection, prevent infections through surface contact and indoor air, and support digitalization and transformation, we would be here make no mention of the following threats.

Intelligent Services

Es geht um Selbstbestimmung, Datenschutz, Hinweisgeberschutz, Gesundheit, Sicherheit und Umwelt, Disruption und Transformation


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