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Disruption und Transruption

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Continuation and disruption are two threatening corporate developments that can be strategically counteracted with digital transruption.

Der Blick in den Rückspiegel

Der Blick in den Rückspiegel

lohnt sich, wenn man vom Wettbewerb nicht überholt werden will.


Accelerate in the right direction

Organizations, including companies, clubs or associations with less bureaucracy and less personnel effort (mass) often accelerate faster than organizations with large or sluggish bureaucracy or personnel effort. This accelerated progress can have a significant positive impactSocial impact have. Small organizations can respond more agilely to social needs and concerns and develop innovative solutions to societal challenges.

An important aspect is to redefine or adapt services and products in the context of social impact. This approach aims to operate in unsaturated markets where supply and demand still have room to grow. By targeting social issues and meeting previously unmet needs, an organization can not only achieve economic success, but also bring about lasting change in society.

The speed and effectiveness of the dynamization and digital change of an organization can be achieved through strategic digitalization (Transruption) can be further increased. This transformation allows organizations to not only take advantage of technological advances, but also increase the social impact of their actions. By integrating digital solutions, social initiatives and projects can be better managed, scaled and distributed for greater impact.


Avoiding disruption

Innovation is a constant race against the fast-paced world. Progress that you can't win, but you should still have something to counter. 


If only you knew how to cover the route faster than your opponent or competitor.


A stone rolls down the mountain faster than you can roll it up. What Sisyphus teaches us is to choose the right position from which to work. Every force develops more efficiently the more effectively it accelerates.

Woe to anyone who gets lost and loses sight of the path and destination and also loses time, but time is shortened if you know the faster way.


Last but not least, the clear view ahead indicates the direction when the view is clear,  Threat situations reveal themselves in obstacles if you don't look closely.


Disruption is nothing more than ignoring the rearview mirror while being overtaken. Transruption means keeping an eye on the rearview mirror so that you can pull out and overtake at any time before someone else does. 


It's better if you get into the fast lane and ask himauthor!


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